signal amplifier / measuring / rack-mount / compact
WGA-101A series Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co.



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    rack-mount, compact, electronic, pressure, for strain gauge sensors, for load cells

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 0 V

    Max.: 10 V

  • Current:

    Min.: 4 mA

    Max.: 20 mA


Compact, lightweight, low-cost, high performance and easy operation simultaneous output of voltage and current signalsThe WGA-101A is a compact, lightweight and low-cost instrumentation amplifier suitable for measurement of load, pressure, torque and displacement in combination with strain gage transducers. Available in 2 types: manual balance and auto balance, the WGA-101A can easily be changed in the excitation voltage, sensitivity, calibration value and frequency response by changing jumper connection. In addition, the WGA-101A provides simultaneous output of voltage and current signals and has the monitor terminal which facilitates monitoring voltage signals even after it is incorporated into equipment.