video corpo

sprue for multiple injection nozzle / for liquids / multidrop



  • Function:

    sprue for multiple injection

  • Media:

    for liquids

  • Stream:



More recent technologies for the more environmentally compatible use of large engines include gas and dual-fuel operation. The internal gas mixture formation from gas injection at 250 bar in combination with a diesel oil pilot injection gives the high-pressure gas engine a high specific cylinder output. Full performance can alternatively be obtained by liquid fuel operation. This process is made possible by injection systems using the L'Orange’s unique multi-needle nozzle. Dual-fuel engines working with external gas mixture formation, according to the Otto principle, are more flexible in terms of fuel utilisation and result in even lower emissions. This type of injection is used in mobile applications (e. g. LNG tanker) and power plants with a changing gas supply. The end-user can choose to run on more economical, eco-friendly gas, alternatively to change over to liquid fuel during operation

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