threaded pressure transmitter
CK5200 Pressure transmitter with bourdon tube NS 100/ 160 LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH



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■ Pressure transmitter with on-site indication for relative pressure measurements
■ Safety pattern gauge S3 per EN 837-1, NS 100 and 160 alternative high quality case with bajonet ring per EN 837-1 S1
■ Nominal range 0…0.6 bar up to 1000 bar
■ Output signal: 4…20 mA (20…4 mA) 2-wire technology
■ Integrated angle-of-rotation sensor, not subject to wear
■ EAC declaration (upon request)
■ Approvals/Certificates
- Calibration certificate
- Explosion protection for gases and dust
- Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
- Material certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
■ The electrical zero can be corrected by holding a ferromagnetic object to a marked location on the case
■ Additional switch function
■ Diaphragm seals see product group D5
■ Output signal 0...20 mA and 0...10 V in 3-wire technology (for devices without Ex-protection and without zero point setting)

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