CO2 incubator / laboratory / natural convection / compact
C16 labotect



  • Type:


  • Convection:

    natural convection

  • Other characteristics:

    CO2, compact

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 5 °C (41 °F)

    Max.: 42 °C (107.6 °F)

  • Capacity:

    16 l (4.23 gal)


REF 14209 (without O₂ control)
REF 14452 (with O₂ control)

Incubator with an inner volume of 16 liters

Advantages of C16:
Approved medical device
CO₂ sensor:
Dual beam infrared sensor
Very precise measurement
Very short recovery times
Long-term stable
Direct Heating:
Independent over-all heating of inner walls and door
Homogeneous temperature distribution in the interior
Very short recovery times
Very compact and space saving construction