Batch mixer-dispenser for plastic pellets (gravimetric dispenser)
750 - 1 800 kg/h | GM10 Labotek

For more complex and demanding tasks GraviMaster is the
ideal solution. GraviMaster is designed to handle virgin
materials, regrind, masterbatch and other additives.
GraviMaster blending systems are available in more than
twenty different models with a throughput capacity range
from 10 - 750 kg/hr for the standard units. The number of
components on the standard unit is two to six.

But purpose-built units may be designed for additional feeds
up to a maximum of ten and a throughput capacity up to 1500 kg/hr.
This gravimetric blending series is suitable for injection moul-
ding, extrusion and blow-moulding applications. The system is
capable of extremely accurate measurements of additive,
even at very small percentages or ratios. Load cells of the
highest accuracy are used, weighing to within 0.01 g.

The GraviMaster has two ways of dispensing: gravimetric and
volumetric. One mode can be selected or a combination of

A unique integrated regrind control system is successfully solving many customers' problems with storage and reuse
of regrind material.


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