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Plastic pellet hopper loader
15 - 60 kg/h | Mini-Feed 15-30-60 Labotek


  • Options:

    for plastic pellets


The Mini-Feed is used for automatic conveyance of free-flowing, granule-formed raw material (min. grain size of 3 mm).

The compact design makes the Mini-Feed suitable for mounting on all minor and medium sized production units. Especially where weight and size of the con-veyor is of crucial importance.

The Mini-Feed is constructed in stainless steel
to ensure a long lifetime and minimize cleaning.

Mini-Feed series offers...
- Compact, functional design, easy to clean
- Conveyance of 15 kg/h, 30 kg/h, 60 kg/h
- Low noise level <69 dB
- Alarm function for material shortage
- All material contact points in stainless steel, AISI 304
- Wireless remote control, optional
- Proportioning valve, optional
- 2 years warranty


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