granulates batch blender / gravimetric / for the plastics industry
max. 900 kg/h | GM5 Labotek



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    for the plastics industry


The GRAVIMASTER dosing-blending system GM 5 is designed for efficient and accurate dosing/blen- ding of dry, free-flowing thermoplastic materials. The GM 5 is often used on injection moulding, extrusion, and blow-moulding machines where consistency and high quality of the finished pro- duct is required. GRAVIMASTER records the exact consumption of all materials, allowing for a precise calculation of the production costs. Due to the high and con- sistent dosing accuracy, the additive percentage can be reduced to lower tolerance limits without rejects or loss in quality. The GM 5 is suited for dosing of virgins (granu- late), free flowing regrind, master batch and/or additives. This blending system can be installed directly on the processing machine, on a platform or next to the processing machine. Owing to sim- ple removable parts a quick cleaning and material change is guaranteed. Components are dosed after each other into the weigh-bin, which is supported by an accurate weighing system. After weighing out the complete batch is dischar- ged into the mixing chamber and the horizontal mixer provides a consistent blend. A level sensor in the mixing chamber controls the complete blen- ding cycle. The GM 5 is an economic and user- friendly blending system.