Headspace oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxyde (CO2) analyzer for MAP
O2 & CO2, 0~100% | HGA-01 Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

HGA-01 Headspace O2 and CO2 Analyzer is professionally applicable to the determination of the volumes and proportions of O2 and CO2 in sealing packages.

testable Packages
including the packages for instant food, milk powder, bread, meat, medical products, cheese, coffee, soft drinks, agriculture products and MAP packages, active package, and anticorrosive packages.

Because of its portable design, the instrument could be used on production lines, at warehouses, or in laboratories, to serve as a guide for production and assure shelf life.

Technical specifications
O2 Test Accuracy: 0~2%: ±0.1% (absolute value); 2%~100%: ±0.5% (relative value)
CO2 Test Accuracy: ±2%


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