vertical-shaft impact crusher / stationary
Lanner Anlagenbau


  • Technology:

    vertical-shaft impact

  • Mobility:


  • Capacity:

    Max.: 10000 kg/h (22046.23 lb/h)

    Min.: 100 kg/h (220.46 lb/h)


LANNER® chip crushers are suitable for crushing woolly steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, brass and cast chips that are high in oil content. The crushed free flowing chips achieve around 20% of their original volume depending on the type of material.

Chips from high-alloyed or rough materials are not a problem for our chip crushers. The robust design of the electromechanical motor allows ideal crushing parameters. You have the option of a hydraulic motor for chips with mistakenly inserted tramp metals. These tramp metals such as bar ends or turned parts are removed in from the crushing area by automatic tramp metal separator. If tramp metal like this does end up in the crushing hopper, the motor switches off itself. Then a part of the crushing wall opens. A quick reversal of the knife head sends some of the already crushed chips and the tramp metal out through the open door. Then the door closes and the crusher starts up again.

Chip crushers for crushing long chips

Vertical chip crusher
Possible volume reduction of up to 80%
High-quality, hardened crushing tools
Compact and robust design
Smooth and fully automatic operation
Low energy requirement
Easy to maintain due to quickly interchangeable wear parts
Highly wear-resistant execution