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Category 5 patch panel
100 Mhz | 8000 Series LanPro


The LanPro CAT 5e patch panels are used on high speed LAN transmission rates, with a proven bandwidth in excess of 100Mhz. These units are developed with propietary PCB (printed circuit board) and better component geometries, resulting in a better performance surpassing TIA/EIA 568A/B specs. This new design allows the use of both, Krone and 110 punching tools, and has color codes 568-A and 568-B both on the top of the new version 110D for easy installation and reduced termination time.

The 45 degree angle entry (Only on 8000 Series) is a very desirable feature, because there is less stress for both, the jack panel and the connecting patch cords. Also available the traditional flat configuration with backbar (7000 Series). The LanPro patch panels offer the most robust patching solution for everyday use and exceed category 5e requirements on component and channel performance.


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