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Outdoor floodlight
1 000 W | Olympia LANZINI


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Compact floodlight. The shape of the fitting allows lamp replacement from either the front or the side.
Thanks to the glass closing system by means of 5 clips in silver-oxidated extruded aluminium, the floodlight can be completely opened.
Body and side compartment in die-cast aluminium, UNI 5076 alloy.
Bracket in zinc-plated steel.
Painting orange-peel metallized grey colour, made by means of polyester powders.
The side compartment, closed by screws, hosts the thermo-plastic terminal board in polyamide and the lampholder.
On request it can also host the ignitor, so that ballast and capacitor can be installed very far from the floodlight.
External nuts and screws in inox steel.
Glass anti-loss hinges in inox steel.
Tempered glass, sodic-calcic type, 5 mm thick, heat-proof and shock-proof.
Reflector in pure aluminium with hammered surface for the wide beam version and specular surface for the narrow beam version.


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