diamond lapping machine / for hard materials
Model 15 Lapmaster Wolters GmbH



  • Options:


  • Applications:

    for hard materials

  • Outer diameter:

    381 mm

  • Inner diameter:

    89 mm


The Lapmaster Model 15 is a bench mounted unit with a heavy duty carbon steel weldment base. The model 15 is ideal for engineering workshops, where flatness and finish are of prime importance. It is equipped with a 381mm diameter serrated lap plate, manufactured from Grade 300 grey cast iron to ISO 185(2005) as standard. In-shop lapping reduces costs of component processing and equipment maintenance programs. Worn parts are reconditioned and salvaged, thus eliminating scrap. Valve bodies, discs, gears, vanes, valve plates and shaft seals are a few of the components benefiting from the lapping process. The machine is intended for use with free abrasive compounds. A dispensing system, for use with water and diamond compounds etc., can also be fitted.

The Lapmaster Model 15 lapping / polishing machine is fitted with an electronic dispenser for the liquid diamond abrasive slurry and the appropriate lubricating fluid, a dual head spray bar and an electrically driven stirrer unit which houses small glass reservoirs of both fluids The liquid diamond electronic dispenser controls the supply of liquid diamond abrasive and lubricating fluid, automatically feeding it at pre-set intervals in conjunction with the machines process timer. The unit incorporates microprocessor control based circuitry giving consistent performance and reliability. The fluids are fed to the dual head spray bar using compressed air (regulated to 0.5 bar) in an aspiratory fashion so that the glass reservoirs are never pressurised. The duration period of the spray and interval between sprays can be independently set for both liquid diamond and lubricating fluid