diamond lapping machine / with pneumatic lifting system / for hard materials
Model 36 Lapmaster Wolters GmbH



  • Options:

    diamond, with pneumatic lifting system

  • Applications:

    for hard materials

  • Outer diameter:

    914 mm

  • Inner diameter:

    172 mm


The pneumatic lift version of the Lapmaster Model 36 is based on the open face machine. Pressure weights are attached through self aligning bearings to the rods of the pneumatic cylinders. The cylinders are mounted on a framework located over the lap plate on two upright columns. The primary function of the pneumatic arrangement is to permit loading and unloading to be carried out without the need to lift pressure weights manually. However, they can be used to supply additional loading to the components within the conditioning ring should this be required. The machine is intended for use with free abrasive compounds. A dispensing system, for use with water and diamond compounds etc., can also be fitted.