Diamond lapping machine / for hard materials
Model 72 Lapmaster Wolters GmbH


  • Options:


  • Applications:

    for hard materials

  • Outer diameter:

    1829 mm

  • Inner diameter:

    457 mm


The Lapmaster Model 72 is equipped with a 1829mm diameter lap plate. This is manufactured from Grade 300 grey cast iron to ISO 185(2005). It consists of individual segments bolted to a support plate. Outlets are provided to feed each conditioning ring via a track wire, with individual control valves. As this machine has no worktable, the roller yokes can be adjusted vertically as well as laterally, so that the normal wearing of the plate during prolonged usage can be accommodated. Excess compound is returned to the reservoir via a sloping drain tube. This together with the constant agitations provided by the stirrer minimises the tendency of the abrasive grains to settle out in the vehicle. The machine is intended for use with free abrasive compounds. A dispensing system, for use with water and diamond compounds etc., can also be fitted.


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