liquid dispensing system / volumetric / programmable
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The Lapmaster Programmable Dispenser features microprocessor control of two dispensing channels. These channels, diamond and lubricant, can be independently programmed to deliver precisely timed spray pressures. The timing duration and interval can be adjusted to meter the correct quantity of fluid and the spray pressure can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of fluid viscosities. When coupled with a Lapmaster spray bar, complete control over the dispensing process can be attained. Each channel has a spray INTERVAL timer and a spray DURATION timer that can be adjusted. The INTERVAL timer is the time in seconds from the start of one spray period to the start of the next spray period. The DURATION is the length in seconds of the spray period. The NEXT SPRAY timer counts down the time until the start of the next spray period. For example, if the INTERVAL is set to 13 seconds and the DURATION is set to 4 seconds, when the timing function is enabled, the spray
valve will be energized and the NEXT SPRAY timer will start at 13 seconds and count down towards zero. When the NEXT SPRAY timer is down to 9 seconds ( 13 – 4 ), the spray valve will de-energize. When the timer reaches zero, the timing cycle will repea