glass polishing machine / optical / CNC
48 Lapmaster Wolters GmbH



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    for glass

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The Lapmaster Model 72 is equipped with a 1829mm diameter optical pitch annular lap and four workstations that can be reciprocated. The pitch lap is manufactured and cast by Lapmaster International to suit the requirements of the customer. This is specified by measuring the pitch hardness using the Twyman penetration test. Various groove patterns can be cut, most commonly concentric grooves. The depth of pitch is approximately 50mm. Externally it is retained by an aluminium band, internally a stack of removable rings is used. A full pitch lap recasting service is offered by Lapmaster International. Pitch Plate Conditioning A glass disc faced conditioning weight is fitted to the fourth work station situated at the rear of the machine. The precise lateral position of this weight relative to the lap plate track can be controlled. This is positively driven to ensure continuous rotation of the weight and drive is applied to one of the yoke roller bar bearing assemblies.