glass polishing machine / optical / CNC / double-sided
LLCD series Lapmaster Wolters GmbH



  • Machined material:

    for glass

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, double-sided


To complement our extensive range of single and dual face lapping and polishing equipment, Lapmaster has introduced a new line of precision oscillating head polishing machines.
Designated the LLCD series, a typical machine consists of a heavy duty, structural steel base housing a drive system linked to a lapping plate. A polishing pad (type dependent on material to be processed) is bonded directly to the plate.

A swing arm assembly positioned above the polishing surface is mounted to a swivel head workpiece pressure plate. Workpieces of varying geometries can be retained by surface tension, wax or vacuum to the pressure plate. The pressure plate is designed to swivel up from the horizontal position to facilitate load and unload operations.