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Water is an irreplaceable resource and maintaining its integrity through uninterrupted quality monitoring of water is most required. The LAR ToxAlarm, An online toximeter for drinkable water and surface water overseeing like rivers and lakes. The creative analyzer comprises a highly sensitive, self-regenerating bacteria culture, which can be recycled to test the toxicity in water samples for intervals of 5 minutes. ToxAlarm is perfectly ideal for intense monitoring of drinking water and surface water for contaminants and for environmental safety.
It has a 0-100 % impurity spectrum of continuous overseeing of toxicity, with a reaction time of less than 5 minutes. There is extremely sensitive re-generating bacteria present within the unit which results in no additional requirement of purchasing test organisms. With limited operational expenses, re-usability and minimal upkeep, the ToxAlarm is the ideal toximeter available in the market.