COD analyzer / benchtop / cost-effective / high-temperature
QuickCODlab LAR Process Analysers



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    cost-effective, high-temperature, with oxygen sensor, high-definition, laboratory


COD analyzer for laboratories

LAR's QuickCODlab is a COD analyzer for the determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in laboratory applications. This innovative analyzer provides a fast and economic alternative to common measurement methods.

The QuickCODlab laboratory analyzer is the master plan for fast and clean COD measurements. Unlike traditional COD analysis methods, the QuickCODlab oxidizes the water sample without the need of any hazardous chemicals. Due to the patented high-temperature combustion method, the measurement results are free of chloride inteferences.

COD measurement is accomplished in about 3 minutes. Thus, 3 replication measurements per sample can be determined within less than 10 minutes.

The QuickCODlab offers enormous time and cost savings in comparison to standard procedures.