pulsed laser / nanosecond / actively Q-switched / solid-state
TECH-263-3w Laser-export Co.


  • Operational mode:

    pulsed, nanosecond, actively Q-switched

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:

    infrared, green, multiple-wavelength, VIS, UV

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, cooled, DPSS, diode-pumped

  • Applications:

    for materials processing, for micro-machining, for medical applications, laboratory, R&D, inspection, for research, microscopy, for semiconductors, LIDAR, for marking

  • Wavelength:

    263, 1053, 527

  • Power:

    0.7, 0.02, 0.35


Application fields: various types of spectroscopy (including LIBS), laser microscopy, hi-tech R&D, laser-induced fluorescence, light detection, non-contact inspection, photoacoustics, semiconductor processing.

IR, VIS and deep UV laser light from one source
Simultaneous pulses at 1053 nm, 527 nm and 263 nm in one beam with the same direction
Active Q-switched mode of operation with nanosecond pulse duration
High pulse energy and peak power
Perfect beam quality
Ultra-compact design
Conductive cooling of laser head
External / internal triggering, PC control via RS-232