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metal 3D printer / SLM / for the aerospace industry
Laser Photonics



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    for the aerospace industry


Fonon Additive Manufacturing Technologies encompass 3D FUSION TECHNOLOGY or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Commonly known as Printing) Technologies.

Fonon's 3D FUSION™ or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Printing) process is an emerging additive NANO Powder Manufacturing Technology with a presence in the medical industry as well as Manufacturing (Mold fabrication and Repair), Defense, aerospace and high technology engineering and electronics sectors. 3D Laser Metal Printing is a layered, digitally driven additive manufacturing process that uses high quality focused laser energy to fuse metal NANO powders into 3D objects.

- For the best performance Fonon’s systems are optimized for nano powder with a certain specifications.
- To ensure consistency Fonon sells a range of nano powders to ensure the best performance of our precision 3D laser sintering process.

Laser Photonics exclusively uses only state of the art techniques, components, and technologies to build its highly reliable and effective laser systems. All parts and components are manufactured in the United States representing the highest in reliablity and quality.

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