Electro-pneumatic hot foil stamping machine / for large print areas
H-TC-300/400/500/600 LC Printing Machine Factory Limited


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    electro-pneumatic, for large print areas


Production Advantage :
1.Vertical Pressure design ensures big pression;
2.Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed;
3.Worktable slight adjustment ensure precision stamping;
4.The height of the stamping head adjustable ;
5.Automatic foil feeding and collecting.
6.Photecell installed to finsih heat transfer process.
Caution: Pay attention to High temperature state when Machine running. Aviod Putting your hand on the woking table while Machine starting.
Stamping Plates Materials: Silicon Rubber Edition ;
Magnesium Edition.
Product Description: Mobile screen , Household appliances Panel , Thick paper card, PVC board Etc large dimension Flat substrate stamping and Bronzing.
Woodiness objects baking-burns and Impress;
Leather bronzing and Molding;
Paper products concavo indentation.
Graduated disc of clock bronzing.


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