position indicator / digital / panel-mount / for machine tools
DC3000 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


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    for machine tools


DC-3000 DIGITAL READOUT suitable for usage with inspection tools such as optical comparators, optical edge detection, measuring microscopes, coordinate measuring machines and video systems is perfect for measurement and inspection of 2-D geometric components. Features like measuring ability of Point, line, Arc, Circle, Distance, and Angle with inch/metric conversion, linear error and segment error correction, Skew function for part alignment correction, incremental or absolute measurement, Polar or Cartesian coordinates allows operators to accomplish simple to complex measurements quickly and easily. Part programming allows creation, editing, and running of programs in measurement sequence. Preset function, with feature construction capabilities, with a single key calculation for common functions is available. Foot switch or edge detector can quickly capture the data with RS232 interface for data output to PC or Printer. It can be connected with scale or encoder. English, Chinese and Portuguese language options available.