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Bridge type Video Measuring Machine 6080CNC is high precision measurement solutions for large parts. Complete with Metrology Software, Programmable Zoom lens, Servo motion control, the Vision machine measure parts up to 2 meters.

• Video Measuring Machine 6080CNC is the ideal model for larger LCD, LED, PCB, Film and Large glass products inspection. Working with professional CNC Metrology software and Auto-lens satisfies various sizes measurements.

• The Vision systems are also widely used with multiples of smaller parts nested in a fixture.


• DIN 000 grade granite table master base guarantees strength, accuracy and stability
• 0.0005mm resolution grating scale on X, Y and Z axis ensure the accuracy and long life
• USA NAVITAR 0.7X-4.5X zoom lens as standard satisfies various sizes measurements
• Japan SENTECH 1/2 CCD Camera
• Programmable surface cold-light source and contour parallel source is used to enhance the performance of illumination.
• Fast Servo Motor Control
• Fast and accurate Z measurements with Vision
• Powerful Metrology software is simple to use, combination with joystick, keypad and mouse
• The Vision Systems are Probe-ready (option), including UK RENISHAW contact probe and Japan Keyence CCD laser probe


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