micro Vickers hardness tester / bench-top / with PCT touch screen / for coatings
HVD-1000T Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd



  • Type:

    micro Vickers

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    with PCT touch screen

  • Product applications:

    for coatings


Model HVD-1000T series Touch screen digital Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester is suitable to determine the Vickers hardness of steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics and treated layers of metal surface, and the hardness grads of carburized, nitrided and hardened layers of metals. It is also suitable to determine the Vickers hardness of micro and super thin parts.
Typical applications:
1. Steels, IC wafers, non-ferrous metals
2. Thin plastic, metallic foils, plating, coating, surface layers, laminated metals
3. Glass, ceramics, agate, gem
4. Depth and gradient of carburized and flame hardened layers
1. Motorized turret
2. Fully automatic load, dwell and unloading control
3. Bulit-in thermal printer
4. Touch screen user interface
5. CCD Video measurement system optional

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