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Economical Non-Contact Optical Vision Measuring System (SV-3020 CNC)

Non-Contact Optical Vision Measuring System (SV-3020 CNC) is widely used in the measuring machinery, electronics, mold, injection molding, metal, rubber, low voltage electrical, magnetic materials, precision metal, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, PCs, LCD, circuit board, PCB, automotive, medical equipment, clocks, screws, springs, instruments, gears, cams, threads, wire and cable, tools, bearings, screen, net plate (steel mesh, SMT template), and others.

SV series video measuring system is a kind of very economical vision system machine, but its performance is also very good for the measuring and inspecting.
Model SV-3020 CNC
Travel-X.Y axis(mm) 300*200
Travel-Z axis(mm) 200
Feed mechanism Manual
X,Y-axis accuracy(μm) 3+L/200 L=measuring length(mm)
Repeatability(mm) 0.003

Stage size(mm): 456*356
Stage load capacity(kg) 15
Illumination Contour illumination:LED lamp; Surface illumination:LED ring light
Dimesion(mm) 680*600*1030
Power supply 100V-120V/200V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Net weight 160
Vision system CCD 1/3'' High resolution color CCD camera
Zoom lens 0.7x-4.5x
Magnification Video total magnification:30X-190X, Field of view: 8.1-1.3mm
Working distance 90mm
Light source Surface light:LED,contour light:LED, light adjustable
Digital resolution 0.001mm

Standard Delivery
Main unit, Metrology 2D measuring software, USB encoder interface
Continuous zoom lens 0.7x-4.5x, magnification: 30x-190x
1/3'' High resolution color CCD camera
LED cold Light sources for surface and contour illumination
Anti-dust cover
English user manual


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