Video measuring machine
500x400x200 mm | VIP-5040 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


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The VIP-5040 series, manufactured by Metrology®, is ideal for measurements that guarantee accuracy and consistency for granite base and columns. It is designed with convenience and easy operation that has a knob and a quick- release in the X and Y stage. Furthermore, it has a measured travel axis of 500*400(mm) as well as a 200 travelling axis. It has a manually feed mechanism in a 0.5µm resolution and a repeatability of 0.003mm.

USA Navitar brand 0.7x-4.5x continuous zoom lens
Japan 1/2'' high resolution color CCD Camera
Accuracy: ±(2.5+L/150)µm, of which, L = length of the work piece measured ( unit: mm)


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