Optical microscope / measuring / digital camera / for measuring and inspection
Max.300x200mm | MM series Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Type:


  • Technical applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, for measuring and inspection, workshop

  • Magnification:

    5 unit, 3 unit, 1 unit


The MM series is manufactured by Leader Precision Instrument, and is a toolmaker's microscope for measuring and inspection. It is commonly utilized in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D as well with eyepiece gauge.

The unit is utilized in measuring the surface roughness, height, depth, steps and other methods. It has a wide variety of capabilities such as data gathering/displaying, image displaying/magnifying and data input/output. It also has in-built X and Y axis Zero-set switches, which is available with the video unit for upgrading to a video measuring system.

The microscope is integrated with professional inspection color CCD camera and image measurement performance, which makes the operation of edge detection faster and more accurate. There is an eyepiece system that can perform good optical view, which the illumination is much clearer than the video measuring machine.


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