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10 - 100X, ø 312mm | VOC Series Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


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The precise Leader Precision profile projector VOC series is an outstanding non-contact optical measuring device that integrates with the technology of computer, mechanic, optic, and electricity, commonly used in rubber industry, mechanism, electronic, and meter fields. This optical inspection unit is an ideal metrology solution to the contour and surface measurement.

The projector can examine various surfaces and complex work-pieces, such as screw thread, cam, press components, gear, tool, milling cutter, etc. This bench top optical measurement unit is a useful metrical and analytic system for labs, research institutes and education.

The screen size is 312mm with 4 film clips. It has a 10kg stage load capacity and it is a 100kg net weight. The object lens is 10x (standard), 20x, 50x, and 100x reflector attached.


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