profile projector
5 - 100X, ø600 mm | VOC600 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd

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profile projector profile projector - 5 - 100X, ø600 mm | VOC600


VOC600 large Floor-standing Profile Projector is specially used to inspect the phone backlight, LCD, Gear and so on.

Technical parameters:
Model:VOC 600-200*100
Projected image:Inverted
Metal tables size(mm) :404*265
Glass tables size(mm) :270*170
Stage Travel X-axis: 200mm
Stage Travel Y-axis: 100mm
Stage Travel Z-axis: 50mm(for focus)
Measuring unit:Built-in linear scales
Accuracy: ≤(3+L/75)µm
Screen Diameter: 615mm with 4 film clips
Screen material: fine ground glass
Reference line: Staggered cross and crosshair
Screen rotary range: 0°360°
Rotary angle resolution:1 or 0.01°(switchable)

Digital Readout: DC-3000 Counter with RS232 output (can be used to collect the data and measure the point, line, circle, angle and distance).
Contour illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb
Optical system: Zoom Telecentric system
Oblique reflected illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb (available with 50x lens and 100x lens)
Vertical reflected illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb
Light source: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W)
Optical system: Vertical illumination
Focusing: Manual focus
Power: AC100-240V, single phase 50/60Hz,Total power 650W
Cooling: Built-in cooling fans
G.W/N.W: 590KG/360KG

Objective lens:
Magnification:5X; 10X; 20X; 50X; 100X;
View field diameter: Ф120; Ф60; Ф30; Ф12; Ф6;
Working Distance(mm) :242.8;143.2; 85.5; 92; 48.5;
Max. workpiece height:50; 50; 50; 50; 48;