Horizontal profile projector
10 - 100X, ø 300 mm | HOC300 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


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Used widely in the field of mechanism, electronics, meter, rubber industry etc. the Optical Comparator HOC series is an affordable and reliable optical measuring system providing high precision and efficiency. It has an illumination of CONTOUR; SURFACE and can magnify 10X; 20X; 50X; and 100X. The view field diameter is c 30;15;6 and 3. The stage size is 400 mm and stage load capacity is 30 kg with a table swing range of 15 degrees. The HOC series have a gross weight of 240 kg and a reflector attached magnification accuracy of 0.08 pct contour, 0.12% surface. Transmission illumination is 24v/150w halogen bulbs.


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