Bridge coordinate measuring machine / multi-sensor
CNC TYPE Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Structure:


  • Probe type:


  • X travel:

    Min.: 500 mm

    Max.: 1000 mm

  • Y travel:

    Min.: 500 mm

    Max.: 1500 mm

  • Z travel:

    Min.: 400 mm

    Max.: 800 mm


CMM-C series automatic Coordinate Measuring machine can inspect geometric shape, dimension and position of work pieces and is used in the field of machinery, auto-mobile, aviation, mould, metal and high precision tool manufacturing, as well as CAD, CAE and CAM in reverse engineering.

It is driven by Servo Motor, controlled by RENISHAW UCC Series with Joystick with a RENISHAW MH20I or PH10T+TP20 probing system. It uses Rational DMIS for measuring software, has a sliding bridge type structure with and air bearing guide. Resolution and accuracy in µm are 0.5 and MPEE=(3.0 + L/250) respectively. It is available in 12 models, with travel in X ranging from 500 to 1000 mm, Y from 500 to 1500 mm and Z from 400 to 800 mm.


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