Absolute linear encoder / optical / sealed
Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Construction:


  • Resolution:

    Min.: 0.001 µm

    Max.: 0.005 µm


The Linear Encoder, manufactured by Metrology®, can detect and display a precise displacement of the tools for machine and measuring that includes the installed digital readout through the milling machine, lathe machine, drilling machine, and the like. It features a 50mm pitch optical glass scale for determining the datum point to guarantee a durable, repeatable with an excellent sliding and positioning. It is designed in a special aluminum alloy material for water, oil and dust resistant to fit for the milling, drilling and grinding machines. Also, it comes with a durable rubber lips to minimize contamination while enhancing the vibration resistance. Furthermore, it has a standard 0.005mm and an optional 0.001 resolution with an output signal of standard 5V, TTL and an optional RS422


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