Stereo microscope
XTF-3022 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Type:


  • Magnification:

    Min.: 3 unit

    Max.: 275 unit


The XTF-3022 is a device manufactured for medical and health, electronics, precision machinery industry. It is fit to inspect the naked IC, LCD printing paste and personal computer. It is a zoom lens microscope that have a parallel beam path design and it can be connected to any CCD camera. The lens zoom range of the unit ranges from 0.55X, 1X, 1.75X,3X, 5.5X, its eyepiece is SWF10X/23mm having a working distance of 95mm, a total magnification of 5.5X, 10X, 17.5X, 30X, 55X. Like other microscopes, the unit has a field of view of ¢41.8mm, ¢23mm, ¢13.1mm, ¢7.7mm, ¢4.2mm, an interpupillary distance of 48mm-75mm, and a trinocular tube of inclined 45º。


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