Stereo microscope
XTH-2026 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Type:


  • Magnification:

    Min.: 10 unit

    Max.: 65 unit


The XTD-2024, manufactured by Metrology, is a stereo microscope designed to be used for medical and health, electronics, precision machinery industry and so on, it is suited to inspect the naked IC, LCD printing paste, PC. It is equipped with an SWF10X/23 mm eyepiece, a 1X-6.5X lens zoom range and a 1:6.5 zoom ratio. It has a working distance of 120 mm and an interpupillary distance of 57 - 75 mm. Its binocular tube has a 360º body rotation and a 45º inclination. It also has a ±5 diopter adjustment, a 6V 15W adjustable brightness top halogen bulb and a 5W bottom fluorescent lamp.


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