Stereo microscope / zoom
XTS-2021 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Magnification:

    Min.: 3 unit

    Max.: 250 unit


The XTS-3022 by Leader Precision Instrument Co is a stereo zoom microscope which is used for medical, health, electronics, precision machinery industry and so on. This tool is equipped with different tools for aiding inspection. These are naked IC, LCD printing paste, PCB board, LED production, stamping parts, plated parts and electronic components. For this specific model, it comes with a zoom lens microscope and a big working table. It uses a parallel beam path design which can easily connect to a CCD camera. For its total magnification, it has a 6 to 50x and a field view of 36.7 to 4.4 mm.


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