gas chromatograph / laboratory / coupled to a mass spectrometer
Comprehensive GCxGC-TOFMS | Pegasus® 4D-C LECO



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    coupled to a mass spectrometer


The Pegasus 4D by Leco is a Gas chromatograph coupled which has a mass spectrometer (GC/MS). This is a heavy duty equipment which can do complex omic application such as routine quantification of flavor fragrance samples. Also, it can do certain analysis such as forensic profiling or testing drinking and waste water. For this model, it is thermally isolated and can be controlled independently. Plus, it is equipped with stage quad jet modulator and secondary oven for efficient testing of wide range of samples. A ChromaTOF software is included in the unit which makes the whole system automatic. The software is designed for maximizing the chromatographic optimization which increases the system's productivity and efficiency. Using this equipment, it will lessen the operation cost and lowers its detection limits significantly.