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Comprehensive GCxGC-HR TOFMS | Pegasus® GC-HRT 4D LECO



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LECO’s most recent innovation for Separation Science, Pegasus GC-HRT 4D mass spectrometry system, combines the industry standard for comprehensive GCxGC chromatography with the highest performance time-of-flight mass spectrometer on the market.

New system provides users with the unprecedented ability to investigate complex samples, find more analytes and identify unknown components with ultimate confidence.

With mass accuracies of 1 ppm and peak capacity potential at least two times greater than any mass spectrometer currently available on the marketplace, the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D is the solution to winning the fight against coelution and analyzing even the most complex samples.

Further features such as the generation of Pseudo-Molecular ions via Chemical Ionization, retention time matching, isotope patterns, and mass accuracy of deconvoluted fragments, all lead to confident identification.