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LED bulb
120 VAC, 1.7 W | BSD LEDtronics


. Fixed or Adjustable Intensity
· Built-in Current Limiting Resistor for Direct 120VAC Applications (Other Voltages Optional)
· Choice of Narrow (12°), Standard (30°), Medium (50°) or Wide Angle (120°) Illumination
· Stability of LED Wavelength Eliminates Costly Filters
· LED Operating Life: 100,000+ Hours (10+ Years)
· Monochromatic, Narrow Bandwidth Light Gives More Open Time Before Fogging Film
· Very Low Power Consumption
· Solid-State, High Shock / Vibration Resistant
· Direct Mount in Industry Standard Sockets Without Modification
· 3-Year Lamp Warranty

· Light-Sensitive Film or Paper Manufacturing Plants
· Darkroom Illumination
· Control Panel Lighting in Darkrooms
· Photo Processing Labs
· Darkroom Safelight Spotlights & Task lights
· Safelight Hallway Path lights

All specifications subject to change without notice.
Options: For qualified applications and large quantity orders
- Not all possible combinations of voltage, intensity, and angle are available.
- Intensity shown is for narrow angle. Intensity is reduced 12 to 15 times when using extra-wide angles.
- Designed to work in negative ground vehicles.


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