optical level / horizontal / automatic
Jogger Series Leica Geosystems


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    horizontal, automatic


The Leica Runner is easy to set up and simple to use with its clear and bright optics for simple readings. Inspite of its robustness, good performance and accuracy, the product comes off the shelves at an affordable price. It is made up of an air-dumped compensator which is automatic; a double-sided endless fine drive for simple and accurate targeting; and a horizontal circle with 360 degree division.

Also, the Runner can withstand water so it can be used under the harsh environmental conditions and it consists of pentaprism for simple viewing of circular level.

The Leica Jogger is the ideal partner for day-to-day levelling tasks such as landscaping, profiling, area levelling, building and civil engineering. It provides complete leveling packages including a sturdy tripod and a telescopic leveling staff.