RF connector / coaxial / crimp / push-pull
New S series design LEMO



  • Type:


  • Format:


  • Connection type:

    crimp, push-pull

  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel, brass

  • Other characteristics:


  • Product applications:

    for sensors, for thermocouples, instrumentation, for printed circuit boards, transmission, battery, for cameras, for high-voltage cable, for spring machines


This product is a new design of the S series. It offers a new outershell design with LEMO's famous chocolate bar shape.The product uses the S series half-moon inserts and is fully compatible with the existing S series sockets on the market. Both straight plug and free socket use the collet of the B series, offering a slightly different cable range than the existing S series. Finally the product is available in 0S, 1S and 2S size connector for cables ranging from 1.4 mm to 9.9 mm and from 2 to 10 contactsFor full insulator configuration availability please refer to LEMO’s unipole-multipole connector range.