Power distribution cable / high-temperature
LEONI Protec Cable Systems


  • Electrical cable type:

    power distribution

  • Other characteristics:



Depending on requirement and area of application, we will develop and produce high temperature resistant special cables for you that are designed for safe operation at temperatures of up to 1,250°C. Tailored to your application, we will select the materials that in the best possible way match the property profile required by your specified temperature range. These include silicone, fluoropolymers, glass fiber and ceramic-based insulation materials.
Fields of application:

* electric heaters
* extruders and dryers
* glass and ceramic production
* steel and metallurgy plant

Advantages at a glance:

* Silicone cables
o outstanding electrical and fire resistant properties
o extremely flexible at both low and high temperatures
* High temperature cables made of fluoropolymers
o resistance to constant temperatures of up to 260°C
o resistant to oil and chemicals (acids and alkaline solutions)
o flame retardant and low-smoke
* Insulation materials made of glass fiber, mica and ceramic-based ones
o suited to temperatures of up to 1,250°C
o good mechanical strength
o high resistance to ageing


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