Single-phase alternator / 4-pole / low-voltage / for generators


  • Phase:


  • Number of poles:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Field:

    for generators

  • Power in kVA:

    Min.: 5.3 kW (7.11 hp)

    Max.: 15.8 kW (21.19 hp)

  • Voltage:

    48 V


On off-grid operation conditions, our DC 48V variable speed alternator can fulfill two roles with just one machine:

Power supply of the cell tower, acting as a standard standby genset
Hybrid cell tower installation battery charging

This technology can help reduce fuel consomption by up to 36% vs. a standard, diesel-only setup

The Variable Speed LSAVS alternator integrates two special components:

​A dedicated Automatic Voltage Regulator (R220-VSG) and rectifier that allows the alternator to deliver constant DC Voltage Output at two different speed.
An integrated load control module (CCM) to manage battery charging. All battery types are supported (OPzV, SBS EON, EXIDE, A600 and Evolion)​

​ ​​​ Other voltages according to specific winding.
Space heaters.
Winding protection for harsh environments and relative humidity greater than 95%.
Cable outlet at right.
Temperature detectors.
Thermal protection for winding and shields.
Remote Voltage Trimmer.
Filters on air inlet: derating 5%.
Shaft Height: H = 225 mm on demand.
Customizable Painting.


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