CAD file import software / part unfolding / 2D / 3D
Libellula.UNFOLD Libellula S.r.l



  • Function:

    CAD file import

  • Applications:

    part unfolding

  • Type:

    2D, 3D


The Unfolder by Libellula promotes a superior and powerful device with an easy-to-use functionality. It is specifically used to permit to import 3-dimensional parts through the CAD systems which then converts it automatically to obtain a flat part to be bent or cut. The high quality device also allows the end user to add or modify the thickness, radius, break edge, grooves and notches to be able to achieve a good quality output. It also boasts several high quality features which includes the standard import of 3D and IGES modules, export in Cybelec format, export in Delem format and more.