double-scissor lift table / tandem scissor / hydraulic
LPT-XXW series Lift Products



  • Technology:

    double-scissor, tandem scissor

  • Operation:


  • Capacity:

    12,000 lb, 2,000 lb (5,443.1 kg)

  • Lift:

    36 in, 48 in, 60 in


The double wide max-lift table features two scissor assemblies that are welded into one frame, offering users a greater top than what is available with traditional single scissor table tops. In general, table tops cannot be 2' wider than the base frame, so a 48" wide base table can have a maximum top width of 72". However, using a double wide 48" base would permit the top to be 12' wide.

One of the biggest benefits of using double wide base tables is the increased capacity and increased edge loading, which gives users a greater area to work with when using the table. The double wide max-lift table is a durable and highly reliable tabletop unit.

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