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Fiber optic collimator
IsoBeam Fusion™ Lightpath Technologies


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    fiber optic


Incorporates GRADIUM or Molded Glass Asphere lens technology
Aspheric-like performance at a cost-effective price

LightPath's Large Beam Fusion™ Collimators utilize patented fiber fusion technology to enable the collimators to be used at very high power. The collimators incorporate LightPath's proprietary GRADIUM® lens technology or Geltech molded glass aspheres, providing the best performance in a cost effective package. Standard configurations are available for 1550nm, 1310nm, and 1064nm with beam diameters from 0.9mm to 12.0mm. Custom designs for other beam diameters or wavelengths (from 400 to 2000nm) can also be made per your specific requirements.


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