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hand-held fume extractor / welding / compact / automatic
X-Tractor® 1GC - K4260-4 Lincoln Electric



  • Mobility:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, automatic

  • Output:

    Min.: 55 ft³/min (2 m³/min)

    Max.: 115 ft³/min (3 m³/min)


Top Features

Simple to Configure – Uses a single fume extraction welding gun or suction nozzle attachment
Filter Cleaning System – Unique rotary air jet system allows the polyester filter to be cleaned using compressed air without removing it from the X-Tractor® 1GC
Automatic Start/Stop Sensor – Provides extraction only when needed, extends motor life, and reduces energy consumption
Wide Variety of Extraction Nozzles Available – Easily adapt the X-Tractor® 1GC for many different welding applications
Low Noise Operation – 74 dBA

Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored
Lincoln Electric’s X-Tractor® 1GC is a high vacuum extraction system designed for the removal and filtration of welding fume. The 1GC is a great choice for fume removal on the light duty welding applications typically found in shops or companies with a small number of welding stations. The compact size and light weight of the X-Tractor® 1GC make the unit easy to move to where it’s needed.

Economical fume movement and ventilation option
Easily disassemble the unit for cleaning and maintenance
Maximum extraction distance up to 32 ft. (9.7 m)
Quiet operation