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fixed extraction arm / flexible / dust / for welding fumes
LFA 3.1 Lincoln Electric



  • Mobility:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    dust, for welding fumes

  • Length:

    3.1 m (10'02")

  • Diameter:

    2,997 mm


The Low Vacuum Flexible Extraction Arm comes with the 360° rotatable hood that is positioned 6-12 inches from the welding source. Weighing 14.969 kg, this product has a solid, lightweight aluminum internal skeleton and an 8 inches diameter dent. Also, its outer plastic shell is scratch resistant. Furthermore, it features a throttle valve that can be set to partial, full or no airflow setting at the opening. Its arms also features an extraction focus spoiler. This spoiler directs the air into the hood.

Furthermore, an optional lamp kit with arc sensor is available to be used with this product. Through the use of an arc sensor, the system automatically starts and stops the fan, providing hands-free operation and energy conservation.