level control system / for valves / non-contact
LFC 2000 Lincoln



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    for valves

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Totally wireless communication directly between keypad and dispense valve—no hard wiring required to install system
Easy to install
Attach the dispense valves to the hoses
Plug the keypad into a standard 120V AC outlet
Supervisor and operator levels of security let you decide who can use, program and monitor the system
Manage up to 8 fluids and 30 simultaneous dispense locations with a single system
Built-in ticket printer delivers a written record for each transaction
49 unique operation IDs and pin numbers
Uses direct sequence spread spectrum 2.4 GHz RF technology to prevent communication problems with equipment in the facility
Dispenses in pints, quarts, gallons, or liters
Field replaceable AA batteries in meters
Control of portable fluid tanks

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