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    double-acting, stainless steel, dispensing


The 3:1 and 5:1 Stub Pump Family from Lincoln

For over 75 years, Lincoln's exclusive pump designs have proven their superiority in application after application. And our lineup of strong, silent oil-dispensing pumps is no exception.

Both our stub pumps are built with the same rugged reliability and powerful performance you've come to expect from Lincoln. They are super quiet—the quietest pumps on the market. They deliver increased output for faster product delivery. And they let you handle a wider range of applications with total mounting flexibility.

Lincoln has taken the time proven pump design of the Lincoln 84933 5:1 pressure ratio balanced double-acting oil stub pump and created a more compact air motor to produce a 3:1 pressure ratio balanced double-acting oil stub pump, model 282396. This pump creates a versatile, economical, reliable and smooth delivering lower pressure version of the Lincoln 5:1 ratio pump.

Since the 282396 balanced double-acting 3:1 pressure ratio oil stub pump and the 84933 balanced double-acting 5:1 pressure ratio oil stub pump share all dimensions other than air motor cylinder diameter, these pumps are now directly interchangeable without piping changes.
The Lincoln oil pump design enables all pump users to choose 3:1 ratio or 5:1 ratio pump models to suit their specific application.

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